Module org.jnetpcap


Provides support for Pcap on Microsoft Windows platforms.

Two java wrapper implementations are provided by this package.

WinPcap is the legacy Pcap implementation on Microsoft Windows. However, WinPcap is no longer maintained by the original authors. None the less, WinPcap is still actively used by many projects.
Npcap is the actively maintained, Nmap project's packet capture (and sending) library for Microsoft Windows that builds on legacy WinPcap implementation.
  • Class
    Npcap, is a wrapper, around libpcap implementation for Microsoft Windows.
    Remote RPCAP authentication and source string marker interface.
    Remote RPCAP authentication structure.
    Remote RPCAP source string.
    A queue of raw packets that will be sent to the network with transmit on Microsoft Windows platforms.
    The Interface PcapStatEx.
    WinPcap is a wrapper around, windows packet capture library.